RUN:ZEN One-day workshop

Why Mindfulness for Runners?

Running is one of the most popular forms of exercise in the UK with proven physical and mental health benefits, including helping prevent obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure, and boosting sleep quality and mood. In recent years, there has also been a growing interest in mindfulness, with research linking a regular and sustained mindfulness practice with a decrease in the incidence of depression, anxiety and stress. It can also improve the ability to regulate our emotions, build resilience and help increase focus and attention.

Mindfulness for Runners combines the benefits of both running and mindfulness into an integrated whole for more enjoyable runs and greater all round well-being whether on the cushion, on the trail or in everyday life.

Workshop format
Our one-day workshop introduces the essential building blocks of mindful running. The morning session introduces mindfulness meditations in stillness, gentle movement, walking and running. To run with mindfulness requires that we establish and maintain a foundation based on good posture, relaxation and body awareness, which has the added benefit of injury prevention. We will then introduce how to apply a specific focus for mindful running.

In the afternoon, further mindfulness practices and guided runs will look at how we can apply different focuses to our running, including working with more open awareness. We will also introduce the Doing and Being modes of mind and explore how these are applied both when we run and in everyday life.The invitation for the whole day is simply to be curious about our experience. Each practice is followed by an opportunity to share as a group what we may have discovered. Participants will receive a follow up email with supporting materials and guidance.

Is this course for me?
The course is suitable for beginning runners who are able to run up to 25 minutes at a slow pace, without the need for frequent stops. It is also suitable for those who are totally new to meditation as well as people who have experience in one or both.

Prior to the start of the course there will be a questionnaire for all prospective participants to complete and return.  This will assess prior experience and any physical and/or mental health needs.

Mindfulness for Runners - vest and shoes

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Vibrant Life Centre, Braunton
Saturday 2 May
09:30 - 16:30