Mindful running resources

How to run hill reps mindfully

Hill reps are a great addition to your training to help build strength and endurance, as well as speed over shorter distances. Where can a mindful approach to our running help maximise the benefits of a hill rep session? It’s all about cultivating relaxation. What is a hill rep?As the name suggests, a hill rep … Read more

Hill reps

Facing anxiety when running

What can mindfulness offer when we find worry and negativity taking over our run?(This article was first pubished in the August 2019 issue of Women’s Running magazine) The 10k race is underway. You’re in the zone and feeling optimistic that you will break the elusive 60-minute barrier! That soon fades at the 6K mark when … Read more


Mindful running – what is it?

At RUN:ZEN we offer a variety of workshops that teach mindful running. When people are signing up, there are often two questions they are curious about having answered on a workshop. First, they wonder, ‘What does mindful running actually mean?’ and second, ‘Why might I find it useful?’ So, we’d like to start to unpack … Read more