RUN:ZEN Module 1 - Foundation and Focus

Whether you are an experienced runner or just starting out, RUN:ZEN’s workshops introduce mindfulness skills that can help you to:

  • run with more enjoyment and presence
  • prevent injury through learning good running form, and
  • find greater all-round wellbeing

What does Module 1 cover?
Module 1 is an introduction to mindful running which will equip you with the basic tools and practices that you can then explore in your running and daily life.

The mindful running instruction has two main components: the foundation and focus. The module begins with mindfulness meditations in stillness and gentle movement, helping to build the foundation through cultivating relaxation and greater awareness of our body and mind states. We will then explore the components of good running form before enjoying an easy-paced run around the nearby London Fields, learning how to apply a focus to our mindful running.

Participants will receive a follow up email with supporting materials and will also then be able to participate in a Module 2 RUN:ZEN workshop as well as their free community runs throughout the year.