RUN:ZEN Module 2 - Integrating Body and Mind

Module 2 sessions are open to anyone who has previously attended a Module 1 workshop or other events with RUNZEN.

What does Module 2 cover?

Building on the themes of foundation and focus in mindful running from Module 1, this workshop begins to explore how we can develop greater embodied presence as our focus when walking and running. Through the workshop we will learn how to more fully integrate mindful awareness in stillness and in movement.

The Module 2 workshop introduces the key mindfulness concept of the Doing and Being modes of mind which we explore at our base for the day through mindfulness meditation activities before we head outside to practice Full Embodied Running.

Participants will receive a follow up email with supporting materials and will also then be able to participate in a Module 3 RUNZEN workshop as well as our free community runs throughout the year.