RUNZEN teachers

Stuart McLeod – RUNZEN founderImage of RUNZEN teacher Stuart McLeod

Stuart took up triathlon in 2005, before specializing in duathlon (run/bike/run). He went on to represent Great Britain as an age-group athlete at several international Championships. He holds a UK Athletics Leadership in Running Fitness coach’s licence and is a founder member of MedwayTri. His final competitive season in 2016 focussed on long distance racing, including ultra-marathons and the 290km Dragon Duathlon, running and cycling from Anglesey to Cardiff Bay.

Stuart has been practicing meditation in the Chan (Chinese Zen) Buddhist tradition for over two decades. He has participated in a variety of mindfulness programmes and completed a seven-day professional training retreat with Bangor University’s Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice. He also holds a postgraduate certificate in Buddhist Studies. For the last 15 years he has been teaching meditation at a local group of the Western Chan Fellowship in the Medway Towns.

In more recent years, Stuart has deepened the connection between his sporting and mindfulness practices. In particular, he has investigated the application of mindfulness techniques as a means to help us re-inhabit our bodies.

Cesare Saguato

Cesare teaching at Victoria Park in LondonCesare is a qualified teacher of Secular Mindfulness. He has completed a Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Teacher Training Retreat with the Oxford Mindfulness Centre and further training with the Mindfulness in Schools Project. With the Sussex Mindfulness Centre, he is currently pursuing an interest in Mindfulness Based Compassionate Living. Cesare runs mindfulness courses, training and workshops for the general public and organisations. He is also a qualified Psychotherapeutic Counsellor (BACP), Teacher (PGCE) and holds a Degree in Western Philosophy.

Cesare has been practising meditation in the Buddhist tradition for over a decade and continues to receive meditation instruction from internationally recognised meditation teachers and their senior students. For the last 5 years he has been teaching meditation within his local community through a group he set up under the guidance of his main meditation teacher.

Cesare always had a personal interest in health, fitness and nutrition, including martial arts, weight training and running. He recognises professionally the importance of skilfully integrating the mind and body for a greater sense of wholeness in experience, embodied presence and well-being in life. Through his own running he sees how the addition of mindful awareness provides an opportunity for this to naturally unfold.