Mindfulness for Beginning Runners - Beginning to run mindfully

Saturday 4 May 2019
13:00 - 17:00



Fort Amherst - Chatham
Dock Road

The workshop will be based at the Guardhouse at Fort Amherst and we will run nearby in the Great Lines Heritage Park.

Why Mindfulness for Runners?

Running is one of the most popular forms of exercise in the UK with proven physical and mental health benefits, including helping prevent obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure, and boosting sleep quality and mood.

In recent years, there has also been a growing interest in mindfulness, with research linking a regular and sustained mindfulness practice with a decrease in the incidence of depression, anxiety and stress. It can also improve the ability to regulate our emotions, build resilience and help increase focus and attention.

Mindfulness for Runners combines the benefits of both running and mindfulness into an integrated whole for more enjoyable runs and greater all round well-being whether on the cushion, on the trail or in everyday life.

So, where to begin?…

Beginning to run mindfully

This workshop is for anyone who is completely new to running or has so far been unsuccessful in integrating running into their life but would like to and also anyone who is completely new to mindfulness and would like to benefit from what it has to offer, although any experience is welcomed.

Starting running is often fraught with anxiety around potential injuries as well as battles with our own mind about our identity as a “runner”, negative thinking patterns and excuses about giving up, convincing ourself that we are not physically good enough or fit enough compared to others. Often we set unrealistic goals and expectations that we then don’t meet, resulting in us throwing in the towel and returning to our former, less healthy  habits.

How to approach and navigate all this and more is addressed within RUN:ZEN and this workshop will set out to explore:

– Instructions for good running form and posture as a focus for our mind as well as to help reduce injury prevention. Beginning running with instructions in good form and posture can pay dividends down the line, resulting in smoother progression in our running and less or no injury set backs.

– Becoming more aware of our embodied presence in stillness and movement, to connect with our body and listen more deeply to its natural wisdom so we can respond appropriately, as well as enjoying the freedom of “simply being” through the body.

– Becoming more familiar with our mind’s negative habits and learn how to deal with them with more wisdom and kindness.

– Exploring the Gratitude Attitude – focusing on our abundance and opportunities for growth instead of lack and what isn’t good enough.

– Understanding how some of the insights gained through mindful running on the day can be applied in our everyday life.

Based in the old Guardhouse at the historic Fort Amherst, we will guide you through a range of mindfulness practices and easy-paced runs around the Great Lines Heritage Park with a number of ‘STOPs’. The invitation for the whole day is simply to be curious about our experience, and each practice is followed by an opportunity to share as a group what we may have discovered.

Participants will receive a follow up email with supporting materials and will also then be able to participate in RUN:ZEN's FREE COMMUNITY RUNS throughout the year.

***Prior to the workshop there will be a questionnaire (to become familiar with your previous experience and any physical and/or mental health needs) for all prospective participants to complete and return***

Water and energy snacks shall be provided.

Beginning to run mindfully course fee: £40

If you have any questions at all about RUNZEN for Beginners, then please do get in touch with us via email: runzen.contact@gmail.com

Beginning to run mindfully is an introduction to RUNZEN and Mindfulness for Runners and will equip you with the basic tools and practices that you can then explore in running and life. You could then sign up to other courses, such as our immersive Six-week course or Module 1, later in the spring/summer.

We look forward to meeting you.