Mindful Running - Building Resilience

Building Resilience - workshop format

We’ve probably all experienced some of the highs and lows of running, both mentally and physically.

Our Building Resilience workshop will support you to investigate and practice four elements of mindful running: understanding our motivation, setting our intentions, cultivating attention, and working with resistance. These elements can help us find equilibrium and focus to become more resilient as runners.

The day will be structured around a series of mindfulness meditation activities in the studio and guided mindful runs.


Identifying and where necessary adapting our motivations which can to a large extent inform our attitude, and how we approach and experience our runs. Our motivations can also influence our intentions and goals both more generally and during specific runs.


Exploring the benefits of setting intentions before we run. This can help bring more context and greater focus to our experience, counteracting the tendency to run on autopilot.


Practicing how to pay attention to the whole process more mindfully, revealing previously hidden layers and depths to our running experience alongside and in synergy with the other motivations and intentions we bring.


Investigating the experience of resistance and aversion and so developing a curiosity about the thoughts and sensations that resistance and aversion are built around.  We will look at how reacting in such a way is ultimately counter-productive for us as a runner and as a person, before seeing how we can learn to respond more mindfully with a kinder, less-judgmental awareness to such experiences.

Do I need to have attended the Foundation and Focus course first?
While the Building Resilience workshop complements our introductory Foundation and Focus workshop, it will include an overview of RUN:ZEN’s mindful running foundation and focus.

How fit do I need to be?
The course is suitable for anyone able to run for at least 25 minutes at a slow pace, without the need for frequent stops.

No prior experience of meditation is required.

Participants will receive a follow up email with supporting materials and will be invited to participate in RUN:ZEN's free community runs throughout the year.

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