Mindful Running workshop Kent | 13.07.24

Introduction to Mindful Running

Mindful running workshop in Tenterden 2023
Workshop participant running in Tenterden

This workshop is suitable for experienced runners as well as those just starting out, and will support you to run with more enjoyment and awareness and find greater all-round wellbeing through:

– Exploring our intention and motivation for running

– Learning how to move from autopilot to awareness in running.

– Becoming familiar with using an anchor point while you run.

– Understanding the value of the body being ‘alert but relaxed’.

– Learning how to pause and come back to being during your run.

– Reflecting on how we can translate what we learn in mindful running into our everyday life.

The workshop will include:

  • guided mindfulness meditations in stillness and movement
  • a guided 25-minute mindful run
  • small group discussion for those who would like to share their experienc

How fit do I need to be?
While we aim to cater for all levels of running ability, you will need to be able to run for up to 25 minutes without the need for frequent stops. The run practice will however include deliberate mindful pauses.

Appropriate and supportive footwear is required as well as comfortable clothing to suit the weather conditions on the day.

Please bring your own refreshments.


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