RUN:ZEN residential events

At our mindful running residential events, we explore a range of mindfulness techniques, supported by group inquiry, and learn how to integrate these new skills with our running.

What will you learn?

  • Core mindfulness meditation practices including awareness of breathing, mindful walking, and mindful movement based on yoga and qigong
  • The foundation of mindful running – including posture and drills to support good running form and injury prevention
  • The focus of mindful running – developing skills to anchor our attention, integrate body and mind while running, and run with open awareness
  • How to meet difficulties, such as working with aversion in running
  • How to integrate the benefits of the mindfulness concepts we will be learning into everyday life

Some of the key themes and mindfulness concepts we shall look at include:

  • From Autopilot to Being Present
  • Doing and Being Modes of Mind
  • Awareness and its Content
  • Allowing and Letting Be with Curiosity
  • Gratitude
  • Everyday Mindfulness

Are these events suitable for me?

Our residential events are designed to cater for both experienced runners and beginning runners who are able to run up to 30 minutes at a slow pace, without the need for frequent stops. The events are also suitable for those who are totally new to meditation as well as people with some prior experience.

Our events immerse participants fully in the joys of mindful running and other mindfulness practices, and include periods of silence and free time to help integrate our learning.

Our partners

Our next planned mindful running residential event will be with Suryavana Retreat Centre in the Castellón region of Spain.

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