(Online) Mindful Running with Yin Yoga for Runners

Mindful Running with Yin Yoga for Runners - workshop format

Our online mindful running with yin yoga workshops offers an immersive introduction to the essential building blocks of mindful running and includes guided Yin Yoga practice designed specifically to support runners of all abilities.

To run with mindfulness requires that we establish and maintain a foundation based on good posture, relaxation and body awareness. These principles offer the added benefit of injury prevention. The first part of the workshop supports our understanding of the mindful running foundation through the introduction of guided mindfulness meditations in stillness and gentle movement.

Participants will then be given guidance for a self-led run, including how to apply a specific focus for mindful running,  before rejoining the online session.

The Yin Yoga practice is designed to balance the 'Yang' activity of running. In a Yin Yoga practice each posture is held for between 3-5 minutes. This allows the major muscle groups to relax thus placing a positive stress on the deeper connective tissues (joints, ligaments and tendons) and allows us to be with ourselves experiencing different emotions, body sensations and noticing what arises enabling an inner resilience. As we learn to combine a Yin Yoga practice with running, we understand the physiological changes and internal states that can compliment our running.

The invitation for the whole event is simply to be curious about our experience. Each practice is followed by an opportunity to share as a group what we may have discovered.

How fit do I need to be?

For our online events, all levels of running ability can supported. The run practice will last up to 30 minutes. Running with walking would be fine too.

No prior experience of meditation is required.

Participants will receive a follow up email with supporting materials.

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