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Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing

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Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing (TMW) offers an easy-to-learn sequence of twelve movements designed to promote physical and emotional wellbeing.

With origins in both Tai Chi and Qigong, the TMW sequence distils elements of these arts into a simplified form. Completing the TMW series of moves and gestures can take just 10 minutes. And the beauty of TMW is that it can be practised both seated and standing, making it accessible to all.

What are the benefits of practising TMW?

TMW keeps your body relaxed, healthy and feeling well because it supports you to move and breathe with awareness, so you tune in to your own unique needs. It allows you to rebalance your mind and body, particularly beneficial if you’ve lost confidence or suffer from stress.  It enables you to improve your flexibility and balance, and to increase your core strength.

It’s been shown to help in a whole range of issues, from managing long-term health conditions, rehabilitation, depression, and the challenges associated with getting older.

TMW six-week course

TMW is normally taught over a period of six weeks. By the end of the course, you will be able to lead yourself through the twelve-move TMW Flex sequence without guidance.

Following the taught module each week, you will receive some practice notes and you will have access to a video recording of the sequence. To make the most of the course, you will be expected to engage in regular home practice, ideally daily. This will enable you both to learn and refine the movements, but also to begin embodying the principles and core understandings of TMW.

TMW drop-in sessions

We can also offer the TMW sequence as a drop-in session, typically between 30 to 45 minutes. We have experience of delivering this in a variety of settings (festivals, community events, workplaces) and it can also work well as a taster opportunity for groups who may be thinking about booking Stuart to run the full six-week course.

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Your TMW teacher

Stuart McLeod has a Level Three TMW instructor's qualification and teaches courses both in the workplace and with the general public. He's never happier than sharing the joy of integrating body and mind!

Stuart McLeod

How fit do I need to be?

The TMW Flex sequence has been designed to be quick and easy to learn, with a focus on gentle and flowing movement. As it can be done either standing or seated, the movements are accessible to differing needs. We will always discuss with you any necessary adjustments to the movements that may be appropriate to your circumstances.

Past participant feedback

"Stuart has an excellent teaching style, ensuring that all members of the group are able to learn at their own pace."

"I am enjoying it so much and find TMW so helpful. You teach in a professional and relaxed way which makes learning even more enjoyable."

Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing Professional Training is recognised by the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs).

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Synchronising body and mind is not a technique or a random concept someone thought up for basic self-improvement. Rather, it is a basic principle of how to be a human being.

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