Mindful running coaching

New for 2022, we are now offering individually tailored one-to-one coaching opportunities.

We understand that attending an event or learning in a group environment isn't always possible or might not work for you. If that's the case, then our one-to-one coaching offer could be your perfect solution.

We are 100% committed to finding the right coaching package that works for you, which is why we offer you a free consultation to better understand the journey you wish to take.


RUN:ZEN coaching offer

Online or in-person coaching

* Free 30-minute consultation to establish your needs and preferences

* Choose your own programme or follow a progressive series of modules

Is coaching the right option for me?

If you would like to learn more about integrating mindfulness into your runs - whether you are an established runner or right at the beginning of your running journey - we believe there is no better way than booking in with one of our Mindful Running Coaches and RUN:ZEN founders, Stuart and Cesare.

We recognise that everyone's needs are different, so we can offer you bespoke Mindful Running Plans designed to fit your circumstances. Whatever you choose and fits you best, you will experience and benefit from a combination of the following:

  • A collaborative exploration of your motivation, needs and goals
  • Guided mindfulness instruction in stillness and movement
  • Shared inquiry into your experience of the mindfulness practices
  • Introduction and exploration of key mindful running themes
  • Instruction in running form and mindful running focus points
  • A mindful running plan that you can explore in your own time
  • How the benefits of mindful running can be translated into your daily life

To get started, we offer a free 30-minute consultation (on Zoom) to learn more about your needs and to discuss the options available to you.


Examples of coaching modules

One useful option for coaching is to work through our series of carefully formulated and tested modules which can be followed at a pace that best suits your circumstances. Each module looks at different themes supported by mindfulness practices both in stillness and movement, and the modules have been designed to build on each other.

The learning is experiential, so we take what is learnt out on our runs by applying particular focuses and then explore how the experience was together.

All modules are 2.5 hours long, whether delivered in person or online.

MODULE 1 - Foundations of Mindful Running

What does it mean to run with mindfulness?

In this first module we will introduce you to the foundations of mindful running. We will begin to explore the benefits to body and mind of cultivating awareness and attention when we run.

Key learning points:
Understanding your intention and motivation for running and their importance
Moving from “Autopilot to Awareness”
How to adopt an “alert but relaxed” running posture
Applying a narrow mindful running focus
Introduce a mindful S.T.O.P. when running

MODULE 2 - Integrating Body and Mind

To what extent are we running only in our heads?

In this second module we will introduce how to open up to a fuller embodied experience in stillness and in movement. This can help us to be more in our runs as opposed to just doing them.

Key learning points:
Exploring the “Doing vs Being Modes of Mind”
How to work with expanding the mindful running focus to the whole body
Listening to the wisdom of the body: the body as an anchor for joyful being and as a radar for injury prevention

MODULE 3 - Opening to Awareness

How much do we really appreciate our sense of the environment in which we run?

As we begin to cultivate a sense that awareness is diffused throughout our body and mind, so too as we open to our environment, we can connect with its spacious quality as we run.

Key learning points:
Exploring “Negativity bias and the Gratitude Attitude”
Recognising the mind’s habits
How to open our awareness inwardly and outwardly
Understanding how the body reflects the mind

Our price structure

Module 1 is priced at £100. Any other module you may choose after this is offered at the discounted rate of £90. Flexible payment plans and concessions are available if needed.

Book your free coaching consultation now.