In what ways has the course
been meaningful to you?


"This workshop revolutionized my running.  I stopped listening to music whilst running and instead started paying attention to my feet, body and the surroundings.

I started forefoot running and adjusted my posture, which means I have been injury free since then. No more shin splints and itb pain.

Finally I stopped caring so much about the distance or the pace and now just run for enjoyment and being in nature. And believe it or not my phone stays at home now.

Big thank you to Stuart and Cesare. Keep up the great work."


What have you learnt/will you take away
from the experience?


"The course has helped me tune into why I took up running in the first place and let go of the negative train of thought that sometimes creeps in whilst I am running."


In what ways has the course
been meaningful to you?


"Sitting/reflecting in stillness with guidance and sharing experiences of that with others."


What might you say to others
about this RUN:ZEN course?


"It's very professional, well structured and delivered clearly and with good direction."


"Restored a sense of joy to my running. Feel now I can just run for the joy of it and not be constantly beating myself up for not performing/doing as well as I think I should be."


"I will be reflecting more on my habitual ways of thinking and how this affects my experience. I am going to continue to try to apply the skills we learnt to running and life in general."